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Disclaimer: Service price is equivalent to a myACE buck and not an actual dollar amount. The amount of myACE bucks may vary based on educational software selected. You may mix and match bundles if you need more school supplies, tutoring, or other bundle options items.


**Note: Select your options and add additional details on the Service Verification Form (SVF). Click here to complete the form.


Tubey Services - School supplies kit is automatically included in this bundle

  • myACE bucks’ range varies for the below options.
  • School supplies/Materials (e.g., the dropdown is referring to additional supplies/materials needed for educational activities that are not covered by the service provider.)
  • Additional information is located within the SVF
  • Add the Technology Bundle to your cart if you also need a laptop, iPad or other tech accessories and products.



Additional information

  • School supplies/Materials (e.g., books, calculator, paper, pencil/pens, laptop, uniforms, school supply lists, etc. Also, supplies/materials needed for educational activity that is not covered by the service provider.)
  • Please select items from the following stores: Walmart, Target, Best Buy, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Stateline Tack, Riding Warehouse, Cavender's, Lands' End, Dillard's (for uniforms only), Apple. Exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis for specialty items and uniforms.
  • Review the myACE Requests page to review the purchase order request process.
  • If you request shoes, uniforms, backpacks, etc. from stores like Journey’s, Nike, Adidas, Polo, etc., the Service Provider will automatically contact you for easier and faster processing of your order.
    • Shoe orders – Each student can select up to two pairs of tennis shoes and up to two pairs of casual shoes to go with their school uniforms.
    • The max amount per shoe order is $100. There may be an exception made, within reason, for students who need special/medical accommodations.
  • Amazon lockers only works for small orders. Large weight/sizes are not allowed to be sent to a locker and items that do not fit, will be returned.



ACE Student Success Coach

  • myACE bucks’ range for the below option is 1500 per semester and 3000 for the full year.
  • **Note: If you know a teacher, counselor, or administrator at your school or school district, add their name in the new Service Verification Form (SVF).


The SCHOOL SUPPLIES Bundle (Please Read Description Before Ordering)

  • Students are expected to attend scheduled services on a regular basis. Any student who is absent from their scheduled service(s) on three (3) separate days will be dismissed from the program.

    Emergency absences are considered 24 – 48 hours prior to the scheduled event. These emergency absences will be excused if due to illness, medical, or other appointment that cannot be rescheduled, family emergency, and an event such as a funeral or birth.

    If an emergency should arise, every effort should be made to quickly reschedule services, if applicable. If possible, please provide adequate notice at least 72 hours prior to the scheduled activity.  

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