Welcome all enrolled ACE students! We are excited that you're ready to book services. We have taken the time to provide you with helpful tips to help you understand the booking process.


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myACE Bucks

Enrolled ACE Trailblazers Only!

Each ACE participant is allotted activity credits called myACE bucks. You may use your myACE bucks to select from the list of services on the Student Services page.


If you have remaining bucks, don't worry! The ACE Program staff are diligently working to increase your service options. 

Once you've booked your activity, verify your selections, and checkout. The ACE Student Services Coordinator will contact you to confirm your choices and assist you with successfully scheduling activities with your service providers.


Please be aware that your myACE bucks do not hold cash value and can only be exchanged for services. Your bucks balance will expire at the end of each academic year. Unused myACE bucks will not rollover and may be forfeited if not used by the service selection deadline.

 Booking Tips

Enrolled ACE Trailblazers Only!

Services are offered on various days and times depending on the time of year. Some service providers may also provide the same service.


Our ACE Student Services page will help you make informed decisions by selecting providers based on your preferences. Be sure to read their service descriptions and visit their websites.


During the school year, the week days are reserved for evening services while, Saturday's may have morning availabilities. During the summer, there will be day and week long camps.


You may continue booking services until you have all your myACE bucks. When you are booking a service, be aware of your schedule and the attendance policy located in the student handbook.


After your service(s) has been selected, we will consult with your parent/guardian to verify your availability.